Our live stream of the games tonight is not working. Hopefully we can get it started for the Girls varsity games. For some reason the link between HUDL (our camera system) and YouTube in not working.
about 1 month ago, Joe Worthington
All basketball home games will be live-streamed. You can go to our Jefferson County North Website and find the link on the front page or go to our You Tube Channel. The link is below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEdlSacSe7cAuutSSIfoEsg/videos
about 1 month ago, Joe Worthington
During Friday's games the parents of Seniors will be recognized for basketball, band and cheer/dance. The recognition will happen between the girls varsity and boys varsity games.
about 1 month ago, Joe Worthington
It was a good start to the season for JCN BOYS AND GIRLS BASKETBALL. McLouth vs. Jeff County North JV Girls - 16-19 JCN(1/2 Game) JV Boys - 10-39 JCN Varsity Girls - 43-50 JCN Varsity Boys - 28-58 JCN This week we have 2 home games, Tuesday-Maur Hill, Friday-Horton and Senior Parent's night.
about 1 month ago, Joe Worthington
Tuesday night the Varsity high school scholars bowl team earned a first place win at the Valley Fall meet. The JV tied for second place with two other teams with a 5-2 record and unfortunately lost the tie breaker, earning fourth place. Our next meet is not until January 12th - so keep on studying!
about 1 month ago, Lindsey O'Brien
varsity SB
HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL IS HERE. Tomorrow the Chargers will go to McLouth for their first games of the season. Note that the games start at 5:00pm. Most of our NEK League schools will be streaming games. If you want to stream tomorrow's games use the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpEiGEEmcYx3dAedZVzZcAg/featured
about 2 months ago, Joe Worthington
Right before the Thanksgiving break, my classes studied "freezing point depression", the fact that substances dissolved/dissociated into water will lower the freezing point of the resulting solution. How did we do this? By making ice cream!!!! And it tastes sooooo good!! (btw, -10 degrees C for those of you who are curious!!)
about 2 months ago, David Chaffee
2nd hour
3rd hour
5th hr
At the high school, we celebrated Thanksgiving early with a nice meal and line dancing. "My" lunch group decided to dress up, and I'm still not sure why they assigned me _that_ shirt ;-) We hope everyone has a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving!!
about 2 months ago, David Chaffee
The "new" dinner conversations...complete with devices
"First lunch" teachers in thematic dress
The first graders enjoyed their very own “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” It’s not about what you eat, but who you are celebrating with during the holidays. 🦃 🍁 🍽
about 2 months ago, Shawna Deviney
Charlie Brown
EMS Congratulations! Over 72% of our students achieved their goal of 20 or more in the Pacer Run! Way to go kids, keep up the great work in P.E. 😁
about 2 months ago, EMS Principal
The JCNHS Scholars Bowl team placed first at the Jackson Heights meet that took place Thursday. Great job to everyone who participated.
about 2 months ago, Lindsey O'Brien
first place
High School Business students developed communication and leadership roles in a stacking pyramid activity this week!
about 2 months ago, Shanie Adams
freshman class
freshman class
freshman class
Thank you to everyone who has brought items to support the 2nd Grade Food Drive! Tomorrow (the 17th) is the last day to bring items! 😃
about 2 months ago, Rebecca Funk
2nd Graders collected and delivered food donations to the Pantry of Hope in Nortonville. Way to go 2nd Grade 👏!
about 2 months ago, EMS Principal
2nd graders learning about the Pantry of Hope
2nd grade learning about the Pantry of Hope
Patriot’s Pen Essay winners for 2021! Way to go!
about 2 months ago, EMS Principal
patriots pen winners
The High School students worked pretty hard today, and not at what they normally do during a school day....today was our Community Clean-Up! We raked leaves, deep cleaned the school, cleaned out storage rooms that had years of accumulated items, and raked leaves (yes, I said that twice...ask any student and you'll understand). What a great opportunity for our students to give back to the communities. Thanks so much for everyone's hard work and dedication; and as one student said, "aspire to greatness"...and they did!!
2 months ago, David Chaffee
Mr. Chaffee's group beforee bagging the leaves
we worked at the park in the morning
You can't tell, but there are two workers in there ;-)
A job well done!!
Kindergarteners working in groups to build sight words using different manipulatives.
2 months ago, Shawna Moore
balls and rods
snap cubes
Colonel Bodenheimer visited Ms.Moore’s kindergarten class with lots of stories, military props and jokes for Veterans Day. The class presented the Colonel with a class created Veterans Day Book. The day ended with the class performing patriotic songs for the Colonel. We were all very excited and thankful.
2 months ago, Shawna Moore
Singing Patriotic songs for Colonel Bodenheimer
Veterans Day picture
Presentation of class created booklet
Colonel Bodenheimer’s helicopter helmet
Here is a reminder of how to live stream tonight's football game at Olpe. The football game at Olpe High School this Friday will be live streamed. They will broadcast through NFHS which will require a subscription. Look up Olpe High School on NFHSnetwork.com or use the link below. https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/olpe-high-school-olpe-ks
2 months ago, Joe Worthington
The seniors and juniors have completed their class picture puzzles and they look awesome! We are going to glue and frame the puzzles to display in the high school library.
2 months ago, Jennifer Courtney