Mrs. Jennings' COVID-19 NEWS 5-30-20

Graduation/Promotion - I am pleased to announce we are planning to move forward with our graduation ceremony on June 27th.  We will be working on specifics and provide more information soon.  Our 8th grade promotion will be the Tuesday following on June 30th.  

Athletics - Summer conditioning starts Monday, June 1st.  Parents will need to complete the COVID waiver found on our website under Parent Resources or there will be copies at the high school when you drop off your student.  HS families, I believe one may be in your mailbox today.   We will be following countywide recommendations for safety.  You may find them on the website under News.  As always, if your child is at high risk, we support your decision on maintaining safety first and not participating.   

Free lunch program – Lunches will continue through June 18th.  We have changed to a two-day pick-up format.  You will pick up multiple meals on Monday and Thursday to provide you with each day’s lunch and breakfast.  Again, lunches will be served on Mondays and Thursdays at both buildings through June 18th.   

United States Census - If you have not completed your United States Census, please participate.  The census determines our community needs for several federal funds, including schools.  Our current COVID pandemic has been an example of needing funding funneled to our community.  The free lunch program has been an example of what can be provided.   


Conditioning guidelines:

June 1-14

Outside conditioning only

No balls, no weights, or other items that require constant sanitation

Students must have their own water bottle. (The district does have some if a student needs one.)

Hand sanitizer will be present for students and coaches use.

Tires will be permitted to use but must be sanitized between uses (as with any other shared equipment).  

Coaches must take and record temperatures of each student every day.

Coaches must give and record the COVID survey to every student every day.

Students must return the Student COVID-19 waiver before participating. Coaches must keep on record.  

Only the Charger Cove bathrooms will be available to students. Students will not have access to any other parts of the building, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Water Fountains and community drinking spigots are not allowed.  

In the event of inclement weather, conditioning will be cancelled.  

During these two weeks, we will be evaluating with the Jefferson County Health Authorities to determine next steps.