Picture of a sack lunch

Free Lunch Program

  • Meal delivery- IF you are unable to bring your child(ren), you may assign a “pick-up person” to deliver the meals to your children.  If you want to use this method, you will need to print the COVID-19 Consent for Home Delivered Meals form  (GO TO DOCUMENTS, then "Parent Resources" on this website) and send it with the “pick-up person”.   If the “pick-up person” will be the same person daily, you only need to send the form once.
  • IF you have been participating in our lunch/breakfast program so you have already previously picked up lunch for your child, starting tomorrow, you do not need to bring your child with you!
  • For anyone wanting to start participating in our lunch/breakfast program, you will need to bring your child(ren) the first day.  Then, after that, they will be on our list and you won’t need to bring them from that point forward.