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Middle School and High School Students Check your school gmail account regularly! 


High School Learning Packet and Supply Pick-up

  • Friday, March 27th,  11-12:00 and 5-6:30
  • Adhere to social distancing  (6 feet apart)
  • Gather items from your locker, the locker room, the band room
  • Return library books or other school items
  • If you are in self-quarantine or not available, call office next week to reschedule

EMS Learning Packet and Supply Pick-up   (More details next week)

  • Thursday, April 2nd  (WEATHER PERMITTING)
  • “Drive-Through” pick up

Free Lunch Program

  • Over 150 meals served in ONE day!
  • If old enough to handle alone, students may come without parent to pick up meals

Learning Opportunities

  • We begin next week, March 30!  
  • This will not be “full-day” learning.
  • We are included varied learning opportunity, not all requiring technology.  Plus, we will adjust if you don't have internet.
  • We are looking to provide opportunity for students, NOT STRESS for parents.
  • Reach out to teachers if needed. 

Technology Access

  • We recognize there will be issues.  We will assist next week once we roll out learning opportunities.
  • We are working to ensure every FAMILY has an iPad available, if needed.
  • I believe Giant Communication has placed free public access points at Kendall Bank in both Nortonville and Winchester.  You should be able to access internet near either bank building.


  • Both schools are still available as tornado shelters, if needed.
  • Yearbook purchases – we are checking with our companies for both EMS and HS to see if we can extend sales to this fall.  We do not want to burden you with expense at this time of crisis.