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  Free Lunch Program

  • Over 175 meals served in two days!   THANK YOU, JCN COOKS! 
  • All children 18 and under, even toddlers, are invited to participate.
  • All children are FREE.  There are no income requirements.  This is a time everyone can use support.
  • You did not need to say “yes” on my previous survey to participate.  You can start anytime.
  • If you have children visiting from another area (outside JCN), they may join us here also.
  • If your child(ren) are staying with relatives or friends in another area, have them check at the local school because they may be participating also.
  • We are investigating sending more than two meals home at a time so you need not make daily trips.  (Maybe 2, 3, or more days at one pick up time)   More information next week.

Learning Opportunities

  • Our goal is to support you, not stress you!
  • Administrators and teachers met Wednesday and Friday of this week, virtually.  We share your concerns.    
  • We will be working next week to put together our plan.  We will have ideas that will work for everyone, regardless of technology, time, number of children, etc.  

Personal Belongings  

  • Our first, and utmost concern, is for your child’s health and safety, we will develop a plan to return your child’s personal items from school.  Thank you for your patience.
  • If there are items of immediate need, (such as medications), please contact the district office at 913 774 2000.


  • We recognize the uncertainty of each family and will be reviewing lunch balances, field trip collections, etc.
  • We will reimburse families as quickly as possible.   I envision this taking 2-3 weeks. 
  • Please keep in mind, both school buildings have been closed this past week.  If there would be additional directives, keeping offices closed, this may be delayed.


3rd Quarter Grade Cards

  • Again, this has not been a priority with buildings closed.  We will get them to you at some point.


Technology Access  

  • We have moved the direction of our access points so you are able to utilize our school network from both parking lots of the EMS and HS. 
  • Park between the HS and District Office in Winchester and you should be able to connect as a guest.  It is sent from the library window.
  • Park in the front parking lot of the EMS in Nortonville and you should be able to connect as a guest.  It is sent from the office window
  • As we unveil learning opportunities, we will work with you.

Beware of free

  • I am being bombarded with companies wanting to “help” during this time of need with “free” services, be very cautious.  They may not actually be free.  We will help direct you to services we know are safe and we have utilized previously.

SENIORS  (my last topic today, but certainly at the top of my list for concern)  

  • I believe I can speak for the community, WE ARE SORRY YOUR FINAL YEAR AS A CHARGER HAS BEEN SHATTERED!
  • We will work to provide you with a deserved celebration.  Graduation will obviously be postponed, and possibly varied from a traditional format, but we are proud of you and will at some point be able to show it.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS will still be awarded.  Please check your email for a message from Mr. McFarland.