Physical Education

Physical Education/HealthActivities presented in the Physical Education portion of the course will be a blend of fitness, team sports, and life time sports. Each activity taught will cover rules and skills. Possible activities taught will be: touch football, volleyball, basketball, pickleball, softball, badminton, fitness testing and introduction to weightlifting. A physical is required.

The Health portion of the course will include Drug and Alcohol Education, Coping with Death and Dying, Understanding your Sexuality, Grooming and Personal Hygiene, Body Physique, and Self-Confidence.Grade: 9

Team Sports Team Sports courses provide students with knowledge, experience, and an opportunity to develop skills in more than one team sport (such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and so on).Grade: 10-12

Weightlifting Weight lifting courses help students develop knowledge and skills with free weights and universal stations while emphasizing safety and proper body positioning; they may include other components such as anatomy and conditioning.
Grade: 10-12