Foreign Language

Spanish IThis course is composed of many different aspects of the spanish language. Some of these aspects include learning of the alphabet, numbers, and beginning vocabulary. Grammar work, vocabulary and interaction with the culture is stressed. Participation and effort are a major part of the class.Grade 9-12

Spanish IIThis course is a continuation of Spanish I. There will be a continual stress on vocabulary and grammar. There will be many cultural experiences and exploration into the depths of the spanish culture. We will also dive into many diferent spanish literature pieces such as Don Juan, Don Quijote, and Lazarillo de Tormes.Grade 9-12

Spanish IIISpanish III provides students more exciting facts and information that have already gained previous experiences with the fast-growing language. Along with educational movies, students learn more about nouns all the way to adverbs. Spanish III is mostly provided to Seniors.Grade 10-12