Fine Arts

Art I, Art II, Art III
Provides students with the knowledge and opportunity to explore an art form and to create individual works of art. These courses may also provide a discussion and exploration of career opportunities in the art world. Initial courses cover the language, materials, and processes of a particular art form and the design elements and principles supporting a work of art. As students advance and become more adept, the instruction regarding the creative process becomes more refined, and students are encouraged to develop their own artistic styles. Although Creative Art courses focus on creation, they may also include the study of major artists, art movements, and styles.
Grades: 9-12

This course is a continuation of the study of all types of instrumental music and increasing development of technique on each instrument. It includes concert, marching and pep bands, ensembles, and solos.
Grades: 9-12

This course provides the opportunity to sing a variety of choral literature styles for men's and/or women's voices and are designed to develop vocal techniques and the ability to sing parts.
Grades: 9-12

Graphic Design
Students will work from the perspective of a graphic designer. The emphasis will be on computer design 1st semester. Students will design products which have sound design characteristics. They will use a variety of software programs, including desktop publishing and photo editing software.
Prerequisite: Computer Applications I & II
Grades: 10-12