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McFarland, Rick

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Scholarships.  At this point in the educational process, juniors, to some extent, but especially seniors, (and their parents) are thinking about the possibility of earning some sort of scholarship or scholarships that will ease the financial burden of post-secondary education. A variety of questions often come to mind when you hear the word scholarships.

  • Can I get any scholarships?
  • Where do I get scholarships?
  • How do I find out about scholarships?
  • What kinds of scholarships are there?
  • Do you have to be a real “brain” or a “jock” to get a scholarship?
  • I’ll never win, so why bother applying?

Let me try to shed some light on these questions.

Can I get any scholarships?
It is possible for anyone to get scholarships.

Where do I get scholarships? and How do I find out about scholarships?
You can find scholarships in a variety of places: 

Websites – First of all, you can check my website: http://mcfarlandminutes.weebly.com, also you can check www.fastweb.com, www.collegescholarships.com, to name a few.  If unsure about where to go, just do a web search for “scholarships” and you will find a large number of sites.

Publications – Barnes and Noble or Amazon have options, as do I.

Your school of choice – A big majority of post-secondary schools offer some type of aid to incoming students. Contact their financial aid office for more information.

Your high school – Many times high schools work together with local businesses, families and other patron groups to offer “local” scholarships.  JCN has 18 such scholarships for students. Mr. McFarland will give the seniors a packet of the local scholarships in January.

For JCN students, I have constructed a website to give them information about College visit days, ACT/SAT, and all the scholarships that I have information about.  I am constantly updating the site with more scholarships and/or different due dates.  Please feel free to check out http://mcfarlandminutes.weebly.com if you are interested.  If there is information you think would be helpful to add, let me know.

Financial Aid Night – JCN always offers a financial aid night, usually during the month of October. This year it is October 30 at 7:00 p.m.  Come talk with Tessa Jimenez, Director of Financial Aid at St. Mary College in Leavenworth.  She will discuss what aid is available through the federal government, as well as answer questions about college aid, all from the prospective of someone who deals with it every day.

Word of mouth – Often families hear about scholarships that their employers offer, or maybe something that their “cousin Sally in Illinois” heard about.  I am always willing to dig for more information, if needed, if it means more money for our students.

What kinds of scholarships are there?
There are scholarships for academics, athletics, music, drama, community service, your grade point average, your ACT score, your PSAT score, your nationality, your background, your parent’s employment, your rank in your class, being a valedictorian or salutatorian…you get the idea.  There are scholarships for almost anything.

Do you have to be a real “brain’ or “jock” to get a scholarship?
No.  In fact,any student has the opportunity to receive many scholarships.

I’ll never win, so why bother applying?
This is, perhaps, the biggest reason that many scholarships go un-awarded.  In the past few years I have received as few as 4 applications for some of our local scholarships.  If you are qualified for the scholarship, you’ve got nothing to lose and, possibly, much to gain!

As I wrap-up, I would like to stimulate some thought among our local and area businesses, families, etc.  Please consider the possibility of setting up a “local” scholarship yourselves.  Some of the surrounding high schools have a list 3 to 4 times as long for local awards.  The awards don’t have to be huge; every little bit helps our students.  If you have questions or think you might be interested in starting something new, please give Rick McFarland a call at the High School at 913-774-8515.


Current Local Scholarships available at JCN

  • Rodney Vossler Memorial Scholarship
  • Kendall State Bank Scholarship
  • Jefferson County North Education Association Scholarship
  • Winchester Rural High School Alumni Association
  • Virginia Ehlers Memorial Scholarship
  • Jefferson County North Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Dr. F.W. Huston Memorial Scholarship
  • Zetta Huston Memorial Scholarship
  • Bonnie Pickell Memorial Scholarship
  • JCN Booster Club Scholarship
  • Kenneth Cooke Scholarships (1st, 2nd, 3rd in class)
  • Ralph and Dorothy Curry Memorial Scholarship
  • Nathan O’Neill Memorial Scholarship
  • Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship
  • Nortonville Sons of the American Revolution Scholarship
  • J. Alfred Keirns Memorial Scholarship
  • Kansas Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Scholarship

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